Xkcd Survey Results

According toxkcd survey results, there are colors which are more attractive to men than to women and, also, the other way around. The data was obtained through an online research in which about two million people were exposed to different RGB colors. They had to name those colors. Then, with all of this information, Xkcd came up with some results which are available for anyone who wants to download them. This survey helps you to know how colors are named to a representative sample of people. Also, you can ask for the Pantone regarding that name.

If you decide to take a look at this research, you will be able to play with the different colors and learn the difference between light blue and baby blue. Also, you will be able to filter the list by characteristics such as colors named after food, colors most named by men, colors said by women, colors people like the most, colors people dislike and the much more.  

Also, the survey results are relevant to the linguistics field, the design field and, of course, the psychology of perception. So be sure to check the results and learn more about colors and the way we view them.